The principle of saving resources and limiting the environmental impact of our actions does not just apply to our facilities and their operation.

Our Company's stated goal is to minimize the negative impact of all of its activities on the environment, while simultaneously supporting international efforts to solve global environmental problems. Compliance with environmental regulations at Akran is governed by our strict environmental guidelines.

eppslogoakranWe believe in responsible business practices. We are a full supplier of environmentally preferred products (EPPS) that have a smaller environmental footprint than competing products.

Akran is dedicated to protecting the environment through pollution prevention, increased efficiency and recycling. Our mission is to make the Earth a better, safer and cleaner place to live while strengthening the Canadian economy. In working towards this goal, Akran has focused on pollution prevention, resource conservation and environmental design to increase product value at all process levels.

360Our primary environmental objectives are to increase the energy, water and resource efficiency of products and prevent pollution in the administration, manufacturing and secondary processing (e.g., imprinting). As part of our environmental initiative, Akran extends its responsibility beyond the point-of-purchase to the life of the product.

We promote the use of environmentally preferred products with pre-consumer, post-consumer recycled content.

We provide alternatives to products manufactured with chlorine bleach and use non-toxic/less toxic inks, paints, dyes and pigments.

We strive to lower the environmental impact of our products by reducing operating and standby power consumption and resource use, and by managing chemical substance content. To facilitate the management of chemical substances in our products, we pay attention to substance content from the procurement stage. In addition, we have established a system that ensures we purchase only products that contain no specified chemical substances recognized as harmful to the environment, such as lead, mercury and cadmium.

Akran has succeeded in entirely eliminating harmful substances from our products and secondary processing lines.