We continue to make Akran a world-class organization and a great place to work through career advancement opportunities, workforce diversity and open dialogue. We strive to create an inclusive environment where employees thrive and generate top performance. Akran has integrated its cultural cornerstones into everyday communications and work streams to sustain strong employee engagement and understanding of our company's vision and direction.

Akran employees are exposed to a number of education offerings at the company. Our goal is to foster career development and to enhance continuous learning and skills improvement. We compete with other industries for top talent in an increasingly competitive hiring environment, focusing on education and a career path for employees within the company helps us retain and attract qualified candidates and elevates customer experience. We help our employees achieve their personal and professional goals by financing continuing education opportunities, specialized training courses, and through tuition reimbursement and mentoring.

Our goal is to encourage loyalty and to inspire our staff to deliver the best customer experience possible. When employees feel like they are part of an organization that is committed to them in learning and building a career, they are more engaged, invested and highly motivated. Creating a positive work environment for our employees and maximizing business results for our customers.